things to do to make me happy

- learn how to handle money, noone needs so many shoes... or do i?

- stop believing that you're a ghost and that you don't matter in this world - you DO matter and there ARE people who care - start believing that

- start considering things, start caring (!)

- travel, get out of this city, it makes you sad

- start doing the things again you used to be good at, you used to be so creative, lose your fear of failing

- keep your apartement clean and throw away those old things - you don't need to hold on to this crap

- start writing down what you like and what you don't like so you find yourself again


- get over him, he doesn't care anymore anyway (or how many letters and phone calls have you recieved yet? none? see.)

- stop drinking too much, i know everybody likes you when you're drunk cause you're funny but you know that you don't like yourself when you get too crazy and messed up (that's not you anymore, you don't feel good like that)

this should work. let's get started ladies. night.

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