caught up in the middle.

somewhere between
loving you and trying to move on.

somewhere between
moving and staying.

somewhere between
how i used to be like and
how you used to like me to be and
how i am now.

somewhere between
metalscreams and sad slow guitar songs.

somewhere between
party-alcohol-cigarettes and

somewhere between
what i think i like and
what i think i should like.

somewhere between
what feels right and
what i think should feel right.

where i'm searching for love and someone to care
but only get offered sex.

where you don't care anymore about
who i am
what i do
who i'm with.

you know i hate it here in the middle.
you know i dont belong to neither one of the sides.
you know i'm waiting for you to
save me.


"i need more time he says,
because time makes feelings fade."

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